About Us

The idea started on a road trip in 2016.  While hiking, going to restaurants and parks, we were constantly running into the need to change diapers in inconvenient places.  Even when there was a changing table, there was no room for anything else.  Diapers and wipes were falling on the spattered, and unhygienic gas station floor, which, by the way was the only place for your fancy diaper bag.  We knew there had to be a more reasonable way to do this. 

That is why we came up with the Quick Change Diaper Bag.  The bag is simple and functional.  It carries everything you need, and nothing you don't. 

Our mission is to make diaper changes quick and simple. We're always looking at ways to improve, and if you have any feedback for us on how we can be better, just give us a shout.  We're always listening!


Matt, Abbey, and Kids!

 Glenwood Canyon, Colorado 2017