Why USA?

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One of the first questions I'm asked by family and friends is why make it in the USA?  The answer is really pretty simple: Why Not?  There's a common conception floating around that if you intend to produce a good it must be done overseas and imported.  There are plenty of circumstances where that is warranted and makes sense, maybe for materials availability or simply where manufacturing expertise exists.

Something that is very important to Abbey and I is the ability to control the quality of our product and make sure we're delivering something that we're proud of.  At the end of the day, if I can't put my name on it and feel great about what we're selling, what's the point?

I've been excited about the revival of manufacturing goods int he U.S.A.  There are many people with great skill sets yearning to put them to work.  We're committed to building a quality U.S.A. made Diaper Bag that is going to make diaper changes quick and simple!  

As for manufacturing overseas for the purpose of getting it cheaper..... well, then I'd have nothing to show except giving you something cheaper.....

We hope you'll appreciate the care we've taken building this bag, not just in the design and functionality, but also in the way we build it - bringing you a quality product that gives you what it's designed to: Quick and Simple Diaper Changes.

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