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 The Quick Change Diaper Bag is a great tool that's going to make your life easier.  In this article we'll talk about how to use it properly so you can get the most out of it!

The most important thing to remember when using the bag is to KEEP IT SIMPLE!  The whole reason we're using this is to get away from carrying around excess amounts of nonsense.  The bag is designed to be light and easy to carry, giving you 1 less burden.

This is what we recommend to carry in your bag:

  • Diapers (Up to 5 infant to size 2 diapers; or 4 size 3 and large diapers)
  • Wipes (Any disposable packs that are available at your local grocery store)
  • A spare outfit
  • A bottle of ointment

You may find some other items you like to have handy, the pouch is designed in a way to use the center section to put in the essentials you need.

Step 1 - Load the main pouch

The main pouch has a zipper around the perimeter that, when opened, gives you full access to the pouch.  The top side of the pouch has an access slot for your disposable wipes container, go ahead and load this here.  Next go to the bottom of the pouch.  You'll notice there is a slot in the side - this is your quick access slot to grab your diapers.  Put your stack of diapers in with the folded edge facing the slot - this will allow easy access to grab diapers when you need them!  The void you have in the middle is for you to put your other essentials - again we use a spare outfit and a bottle of ointment.  Feel free to put other items here as you see the need.

Pro Tip: DO NOT OVERSTUFF the pouch!  If overstuffed your magnetic clasp may not properly seal

Quick Change Diaper Bag Pouch


Step 2 - Fold it up

Fold each section of the pad on top of each other until it covers the main pouch.  Then fold over the flap so that the magnetic clasps meet and the bag is sealed!

Pro Tip: Practice folding the bag up with 1 hand and locking it with 1 hand. 

Step 3 - Essentials in the side pouch

Use the side zippered pouch for quick access to the things you need while out - cell phone, wallet, and keys!

Step 4 - Cleaning

The changing pad is made out of a baby safe laminated cotton that is easy to wipe clean with the wipes you are carrying around!  We also designed the main pouch to be easily removed from the pad for easy cleaning.  Simply pull it off of the Velcro to clean the entire pad as needed.  Make sure the bag is flush with both sides of the pad when reassembling.

To clean the exterior of the bag, simply spot clean as needed with a wet rag.  Also, DO NOT use a washing machine as the embedded magnets are not designed to go through the machine.

Make sure to get out there and be confident knowing that you are armed with what you need to properly change a Diaper Quick.

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