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Our inspiration for starting Diaper Quick came from our own frustration changing diapers while out and about.  As if finding a changing table isn't hard enough, the task isn't exactly easy with one.  You pull down the table and the curved surface effectively prohibits you from having any space to put your essentials.  You scramble to grab the changing pad buried inside your diaper bag.  In your haste to unfold the pad and put down your little one, items come out of your bag and spill on the floor!  After cleaning this mess you try to find a place to put your wipes and diapers.  On top of the 3 inch wide top edge?  Seems like a good option?  Not really... as you delicately balance the items and move your hand back to take care of your baby everything begins to fall!  This was standard routine when going out with the family.  

Finally, sick of it I wanted to develop a solution that would allow me to change diapers quickly, give me everything I needed for this task easily accessible.  We never had any luck with clutches, they were always cheaply manufactured and items were not easily accessible with one hand.  This is why we came up with the idea for the Quick Change Diaper Bag.  This is not your traditional diaper bag, enormous and filled with a myriad of purposeless pockets designed to swallow up everything possible. 

After having 4 children, we've realized that there are only certain things that are truly needed on a daily basis.  Why not put these together in a simple bag that has quick 1 handed access to everything?  That's exactly what we did.  You can convert the diaper bag into the changing station with one hand and immediately have everything at your disposal.

Let's face it, as a parent you have plenty of things to worry about, and changing diapers while on the go does not have to be one of them.  That's why we created the Quick Change Diaper Bag, to get rid of your frustration and give you a little more time back each day.

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